Debate and Public Speaking Club (UTeM)

Since March 2014, I have been elected as the coach for UTeM’s Debate and Public Speaking Club. This is my contribution to the university. My role is to bring out the best within the candidates by providing the strategic training to the candidates in preparing for the actual competition.

This university project is aimed to train new debaters and speakers sustainably, in developing to their full potential. The debaters or speakers will be taken to participate in various competitions at the National Level, that represent the university (UTeM).

In 2014, I am pleased to have 3 senior students who are voluntarily taken part in coaching the candidates of Debate Club (Chinese Language).

In 2015, I have another great partner of mine, Mr. Hee Wai Ming (Matthew) who is acting as the technical coach and he has been with us since.

With their vast experience in Debate and Public Speaking, they are working as my partners. I am proud to have them with me, and I truly appreciate their kind efforts to make great things happened.




Position: Technical Coach

Description: Mr Matthew is responsible for strategic training the debaters by analysing candidates’ performances and instructing in relevant strategic debate skills and techniques. He is an attorney in nature and his passion in debate is influential


Names appear in alphabetical order

Chong Chien Khay

Choong Chien Khay

Position: Coach

Description: Mr Choong is responsible for training the debaters and speakers by analysing candidates’ performances and instructing in relevant debate skills and techniques.


Liew Li Ching

Lew Li Ching

Position: Coach

Description: Miss Lew is responsible for analysing the candidates’ performances, providing encouragement (psychological support) and guide the candidates in the debate team formation to enhance their performances (individually and working as team).


Teo Ting Huan

Teo Ting Huan

Position: Coach

Description: Miss Teo is responsible for analysing the candidates’ performances, providing technical support by looking into the candidates’ text (language, grammar) and presentation style. Besides, she guides the candidates in fact finding for debate preparation.


14th National Varsity Chinese Debate Competition 2014

Debate 2 2014

Debate 3 2014

A debate team which consists of six members

Names appear in alphabetical order

Goh Siew YunHo Wen QuanLim Yee LiMau Han PinkPeggy Tan Peck GeeWong Shi Yuan

1. Goh Siew Yun 2. Ho Wen Quan 3. Lim Yee Li 4. Mau Han Pink 5. Peggy Tan Peck Gee 6. Wong Shi Yuan


Together, we are strong!

IMG_0007 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0026



Exhibit Competition with Seremban High School


Location: Seremban High School

Participants Names: 1.Lim Yee Li  2.Too Yi Wei 3. Tan Chong Wei 4. Goh Siew Yun


Debate Competition 1 Debate Competition 2 Debate Competition 3