Academic Talks for Students

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On 25th January 2017, an Academic Idea Sharing was presented by Madam Wizana Abdul Jalil and Madam Rasida ABu Bakar with the Title: “Scopus Session at FPTT”



On 10th November 2016, an Academic Talk presented by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Dahlan Bin Ibrahim with the Title: “Research Methods: How to Make It Right?”


On 28th October 2016, a Research Forum was organised and presented by Dr. Nurulizwa Binti Abdul Rashid.

On 24th April 2015, an Academic Talk presented by Dr. Neil Crombie from University of Canterbury, New Zeland was organised. The topic of this Academic Talk was “Measuring Organisation Performance”

On the same date, a Research Methods Forum was organised. Prof. Dr. Syed Azizi Wafa Bin Syed Khalid Wafa and Dr. Neil Crombie were the speakers. The topic was “Developing Measuring Instruments for Qualitative and Quantitative Research”

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