Welcome to My Page

Welcome to my page





Associate Professor Dr. Boon Cheong Chew (known as BCChew)

From Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)


Academically, I always do my best and be the best. That is why I deserve the best whom I can work with.

This is the page I share with you all the academic work which I involved with my students. The academic work include competitions that we took part, industrial training programmes; academic papers presentation/publication, bachelor degree dissertations; masters degree dissertations (for both MBA and MSc); and also doctor of philosophy (PhD) theses.

I am proud to have them as my supervisees, and I am pleased I am in the process of educating the future leaders.

As your supervisor/advisor, you are neither working for me nor working under me. Instead, we are working together to make sure the academic project is going to achieve the objective(s) and draw to the successful end. I enjoy transferring my knowledge to you. I am always looking for a supervisee, who has an excellent academic quality and great attitude-honest, hardworking, committed and be responsible.

My primary research interests:

(social science and management)

  1. Renewable Energy Development & Deployment
  2. Clean Technology Innovation & Introduction.
  3. Green & Sustainability Practices
  4. Human Technology Innovation & Introduction
  5. Blue Technology Innovation & Management

*Although my primary research interests are angled from social science and management study, I am competent to comprehend how the technology/engineering of renewables, clean techs and human tech work. Therefore, my research is a transdiciplinary research which takes in science & technology+engineering+social science+management.

Further from my primary research interests, I welcome any original research topic/idea/concept suggested by the student. This shows his/her interest in the particular research topic/idea/concept which will drive the motivation in conducting the research project. Besides, I will also play my role as the initiator, in contributing the research topic/idea/concept within my capacity and my research interests to some of my students. They are evidenced as the titles that have been placed with *** on this page.

Some of the full papers for these academic work are available online, and I am happy to share with you the related links.